Sysnova ICT Computer

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Sysnova ICT Computer: providing students with low-cost computing

Remember the controversial TV news report on a few SSC and HSC students who failed to answer some of the most basic general questions like the differences between hardware and software? Not anymore, now that Sysnova Information Systems Ltd have taken matters into their own hands. The tech-company recently announced the nationwide availability of the “Sysnova ICT Computer,” a low-cost educational computer intended for students following the SSC and HSC ICT (Information and Communication Technology) syllabus. Until now, computers were not affordable for the vast majority of students. The Sysnova ICT Computer reduces cost by excluding a number of expensive computer components. Instead of a hard drive, the Sysnova ICT Computer data uses a memory card for storage. Instead of connecting to a computer monitor, the Sysnova ICT Computer comes with cables which enable users to attach it to any older CRT TV as well as any new LCD/LED TV. The Sysnova ICT Computer can be connected to the Internet for web-browsing with most GPRS modems and broadband cables. It also includes Bluetooth hardware which allows it to share an internet connection with an Android smartphone. The Sysnova ICT Computer also lowers cost by running on the free and open-source Linux operating system (instead of the pirated and illegal copies of MS Windows which are common to find). Linux includes a web browser and the free LibreOffice word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications (which are all compatible with MS Office). The GIMP image editing software is also included. Together, Linux, LibreOffice and GIMP enable a student to fulfill the requirements of the SSC ICT syllabus. The Sysnova ICT Computer also includes Klavaro, a free and open-source typing tutor for learning the English keyboard, as well Avro Bangla, a phonetic typing software. The Sysnova ICT Computer also comes with a free user guide which teaches students how to use all of the above software. For HSC students, the Sysnova ICT Computer includes Geany, a programming software used to learn C programming, and the LibreOffice Base database for learning the SQL programming language. HSC students can also use the web browser to learn the HTML web page programming syllabus. The Sysnova ICT Computer includes free and open-source textbooks on C programming, SQL programming and HTML programming. The innovative low-cost hardware and free and open-source software used to create the ICT Computer allows Sysnova to introduce this product at an MRP of only Tk7500, which is a small fraction of the cost of most other computers. Sysnova expects that this product will fulfill the computing needs of hundreds and thousands of SSC and HSC students each year, who are unable to afford expensive computers. Shops in each district selling the Sysnova ICT Computer can be located at Visit their webpage:


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